Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Daily - Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Writing Challenge - Day #14

Spent the day working from home. It was a busy day, much of it keeping an eye out for the start of Hurricane Florence. It was a sunny morning, and then it got very cloudy. It is raining lightly now.


I received a new pair of running shoes (Zoot shoes I got at a bargain through eBay) and had to take them for a run this morning. Almost two miles at a 17 minute mile pace. I think the Zoot shoes are the most comfortable running shoes I have ever worn.


Current list of streaks:
  • Writing: day 14
  • Blood Pressure Readings: 5 days in a row (holding steady around 120/80)
  • Logging to SparkPeople: 4 days in a row (still need to enter food and activity data)
  • Intermittent Fasting: 1 day
  • Daily Exercise Routine: 0 (I did jog for 30 minutes and meditated, but did not do strength training or stretching
    (In order to count this one, I am making it a bit challenging. A day will only count if it contains at least 30 minutes of cardio, at least 30 minutes of strength training, at least 10 minutes of stretching, at least six hours of sleep, and at least 10 minutes of meditation.)
  • Meditation: 6 days (all-time = 40)


The key to success: a three-day work week. According to billionaire Richard Branson, less hours and more enjoyment in the work we do lead to greater success  [Source]
Billionaire Richard Branson is pushing business leaders to embrace the idea of flexible work arrangements, claiming that with today's cutting-edge technology, there is no reason people can't work less hours and be equally — if not more — effective.


Close your internal house doors during a hurricane! There is evidence that doing so could save your roof and thus minimize other damage to your home. [Source]
After conducting scientific wind tests, the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety concluded that when high wind enters the home during a storm (as it could through an open or broken window), it creates strong upward pressure on the roof. If this pressure grows strong enough, it can eventually cause the roof to blow apart, allowing rain to come in and leaving the home exposed to the elements. In short, causing catastrophic damage. 


Watching How-To videos on YouTube has proven extremely beneficial to me. Watching how folks solved problems has released problem-solving juices; all of a sudden I have been coming up with some great ideas on improving issues that have lasted over a decade. So, watch some videos, learn lots, even in unrelated areas and you may experience the same trouble-solving benefits. I will share some of these solutions as I implement them.

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