Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Pain and more pain

It has been pretty interesting at our home the last few days. On Sunday, I began feeling chest pain. Although it did not have any other symptoms associated with a heart attack (except slightly higher blood pressure), I became concerned when I began to feel dizzy. I went to the doctor yesterday and the EKG showed no problem with my heart. Nevertheless, the doctor ordered a stress test, which I went through today. Everything looked good, according to the staff, but the cardiologist has to look at the results and write a report. We will know more in the next few days. The worst part of this is the addition of more medical expenses to our list of debts!

Last night Tracey reminded me that the tingling in her fingers and toes is getting worse with each chemo session -- and I learned that this side-effect may not reverse itself once chemo is done. I cannot imagine how hard it most be for her to deal with the sensation of "pins and needles" on her extremities, especially knowing that this may be permanent! Cancer has really taken a lot from Tracey's quality of life.