Wednesday, December 14, 2005


That's correct: 13 pounds gone in the days since Thanksgiving. And I am thankful for the loss, too. My pants are beginning to fit again, not quite as comfortably as they should, but at least they are OK to wear.

How hard has it been? Not as hard as the first time I began on the Atkins road. The most difficult part this time is that I am in a new office and there are far more parties and snacks brought in for the holidays than where I used to work before. However, it feels great to say: "No thanks, I am on a diet and cannot eat that." It gives me a great sense of control over my health and life.

I have begun an interesting exercise program. Every two hours I climb three flights of stairs and then come back to my office. I will increase the number of floors climbed as my endurance increases.

I am feeling better, looking a little slimmer, and enjoying the sense of added control.

190 -- I am still looking at you and I am a lot closer now!

Saturday, December 03, 2005


As you can see, the weight is coming off! Six pounds in one week is a very considerable weight loss, especially since my physical activity has not gone up all that much.

The secret is fairly simple: no sweets (cookies, chocolates, etc.), no starches (potatoes, etc.), almost no coffee, and drink lots of water ... and I do mean lots! I have been drinking in excess of 100 oz of water each day. To a suspicious mind it may appear that I am up to no good with all the trips to the bathroom! But I am certainly getting rid of a lot of toxins by drinking this much water.

Some people dislike the taste of water by itself -- I rather have some flavor with mine. So we buy the Wal-Mart brand of the small flavor crystals. In our area they are $1.76 for a box of 10. If you buy the Wal-Mart bottled water at $3.60 for 24 (20 oz), that adds up to a healthy soft drink for about 33 cents. Not bad, especially if you consider that there are no sugars, no calories, no sodium (for the most part) -- nothing but flavored water!

Aldi's has the Fit & Active drink bottles (33.8 oz) for 59 cents -- the drinks are pretty good, and the bottle can be reused a few times with the Wal-Mart flavor powders and plain water. Nothing wrong with saving money, getting even more for your buck from each envelope of flavoring, and still enjoying the benefits of lots of water.

I hope this helps anyone that also trying to lose some weight.