Saturday, March 25, 2017

Hey CiCi's! You are terrible! Never again!

For the second, and last, time in a row, I have tried to place an order with CiCi's at Village of Sandhills in Columbia, only to experience problems with their ordering process; this last time it was a a complete order failure.

For many years my family and I have enjoyed CiCi's pizza, and we really love their chicken wings. Once in a while I will call them on my way home and place an order so that I can pick it up for dinner. A few weeks ago I called them while I was on the highway and they demanded that I give them a credit card; I was not about to risk an accident while traveling on the highway at 60+ miles per hour, so I canceled the order.

This evening we were having a birthday party for my daughter and I ordered pizzas and wings for our guests. I was not asked for a credit card (which I was ready to provide) and was told it would take 30 minutes for the order to be ready). I arrived at the restaurant 45 minutes later and was told that they had not placed the order in yet. I was furious as I have hungry teens at the house waiting for dinner.

So, CiCi's … you have lost my business. If you cannot trust me or get your stuff together, then you do not deserve my money. Not only will you lose the $40+ dollars per order, you have lost the $400 orders I used to place for my bowling league's parties. So long. I wish you well. Your service has disappointed me for the last time.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Coughing? You may want to try natural Thyme tea

For the last few years I have noticed that often the cough associated with the average cold or flu lasts for several weeks. I recently learned that Thyme tea is a wonderful, natural remedy to heal from persistent coughs. You can look it up in reliable places such as the People’s Pharmacy:

Here is one recipe that has worked well for many:

You can vary the ingredients (except for Thyme, of course) to adjust to your taste. For example, some folks can tolerate the spiciness of Cayenne a lot better than others.

I hope this helps you or someone you know that is suffering from persistent cough.

Sunday, January 08, 2017

2017 - Week #1

Here is  summary for the week.


On Day 2 of the new year, I ran 2.36 miles and walked 1.35 miles in the evening. I did great nutritionally. No strength training today. Mondays are normally the days I go bowling, so they will be my "rest" days for running and weights. Started the day at 253 pounds which was a disappointment because my weight last weeks was down to 250. I suspect I am not drinking enough water; need to work on that. I also may not be eating enough. Need to keep an eye on that too. It is a big balancing act. Another big bummer: I came down with a cold. I had originally thought about doing another 2 mile jog this evening, but opted out of that so that my body can deal with the cold.


Today saw an unintended change in routines, but it may be a very good change. I normally run in the morning with my dog Tara but this morning she refused to go with me because there was bad weather in a nearby state (she is ultra sensitive to thunderstorm activity). So I left to jog on my own. I used Podrunner's Gateway to 8K - Week 1. It was the perfect workout!

I must note that my right knee has been bothering for several days now. I am pushing through the discomfort and working on stretching exercises. I believe this pain is related to very tight leg muscles.

Today I also went to the fitness center at work for the first time since August. I did a light workout and also did 20 minutes of stationary bike, and that helped release some of my knee tension some. I remember that being the case back in 2009 when I also suffered from knee pain.

Very moderate nutrition day, although it was a rough start because someone brought cookies to the office and I indulged. Sadly, they did not even taste good. :-(  But the rest of the day was good and I was under the calorie intake goal set by SparkPeople as a guideline.

All in all, a great fitness day.


Started the morning with a nice jog on my own (still using Podrunner's Gateway to 8K - Week 1). I followed it with a nice walk with both dogs. The plan for today: go to the fitness center (lower body workout), and then join a Yoga class. I followed my plan fairly closely. Going to Yoga was a big relief to my knee. I did not do lower body, but repeated my upped body workout from Tuesday, with additional weight and reps.


Today was one of those days that anybody wanting to improve fitness simply dreads. I woke up with back pain in addition to the knee pain. I could not run in the morning. I could barely walk all day, so I decided to give my body some rest. I got home and did two TENS treatments and some Tiger Balm on my back. Heading to the Chiropractor tomorrow.


Still not doing well. lower back spasms were the norm this morning, so no running or even walking around the neighborhood. Went to the Chiropractor for an adjustment. He thinks I may have another ruptured disc and told me to quit running; I am taking it under advisement. back to see him on Monday. I feel bad for my poor dogs that have not gone out for a walk since yesterday morning (they did go out to the back yard, of course, but it is not the same for them). And with this nasty weather we are having, tomorrow looks like another day without a walk (we are supposed to have rain, sleet, and snow -- which for here means nasty ice).


I managed to walk today despite the cold weather. No jogging yet. My back is still tender; at least no spasms today. I am giving myself one more day of rest before restarting my activities. I may just walk tomorrow and do some Yoga at home (unless I can find a studio with a good Yoga class).


My back feels quite a bit better. Not quite normal, but not too bad. My right knee continues to give me trouble, but it is far more manageable. I did some light walking with the dogs and not much more. I think tomorrow will be a good test for starting my exercise routine again.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Happy 2017!

As it is often the case for many, I start he year with the clear intention of working on my health. I have several goals that should all result in better health (including lower weight). My primary objectives are:
  • Increased physical activity (cardio and strength training). Although I have been jogging regularly in the past, I am going to push myself a bit more on the cardio end and a lot more on the strength training end.
  • Better nutrition, especially concerning tracking everything I eat. I will focus on eating more fruits and vegetables, and avoid all processed food.
  • I will do more meditation and more Yoga on a weekly basis.
Today I started the year with an eight-mile jog — the longest I have jogged in quite a while. I used a couple of Podrunner's mixes to help keep me going for 2.5 hours. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

I am also back active with SparkPeople.

  • Podrunner: look for the Mixes link. Today I used "Varied Tempo" tracks: 
    • 140-160 BPM Bass Camp
    • 140-160 BPM Bottom Five
  • SparkPeople:

Friday, December 02, 2016


I came across this story yesterday (I cannot recall where I saw it), and I think it is brilliant: A quick online search reveals that it is "The Gerbil Story" by Melody Beattie:
One day, my son brought a gerbil home to live with us. We put it in a cage. Some time later, the gerbil escaped. For the next six months, the animal ran frightened and wild through the house. So did we - chasing it.

"There it is. Get it!" we'd scream, each time someone spotted the gerbil. I, or my son, would throw down whatever we were working on, race across the house, and lunge at the animal hoping to catch it.

I worried about it, even when we didn't see it. "This isn't right," I'd think. "I can't have a gerbil running loose in the house. We've got to catch it. We've got to do something."

A small animal, the size of a mouse had the entire household in a tizzy.

One day, while sitting in the living room, I watched the animal scurry across the hallway. In frenzy, I started to lunge at it, as I usually did, then I stopped myself.

No, I said, I'm all done. If that animal wants to live in the nooks and crannies of this house, I'm going to let it. I'm done worrying about it. I'm done chasing it. It's an irregular circumstance, but that's just the way it's going to have to be.

I let the gerbil run past without reacting. I felt slightly uncomfortable with my new reaction - not reacting - but I stuck to it anyway.

I got more comfortable with my new reaction - not reacting. Before long, I became downright peaceful with the situation. I had stopped fighting the gerbil. One afternoon, only weeks after I started practicing my new attitude, the gerbil ran by me, as it had so many times, and I barely glanced at it. The animal stopped in its tracks, turned around, and looked at me. I started to lunge at it. It started to run away. I relaxed.

"Fine," I said. "Do what you want." And I meant it.

One hour later, the gerbil came and stood by me, and waited. I gently picked it up and placed it in its cage, where it has lived happily ever since. The moral of the story? Don't lunge at the gerbil. He's already frightened, and chasing him just scares him more and makes us crazy.

Detachment works.

Today, I will be comfortable with my new reaction - not reacting. I will feel at peace.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Starting a Revolution

Today, I welcome you to join me in a new movement, a revolution to transform each human being.

The challenge is simple. Each of us can stop putting labels on other human beings. No more Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians; no more Caucasians, African-Americans, Irish-Americans, Native-Americans, Asian-Americans, or any other -American label; no more gay, lesbian, trans, bi, queer; no more fat, skinny, beautiful, ugly. Simply, no more labels. We are all human beings. That is the only acceptable "label" (unless you are not a human being, of course).

As you go through your day, catch yourself before you label anyone else anything at all, and simply replace the original label with "just human."

#NoLabels #JustHuman

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Do all the good …

Good words to keep in mind in the weeks and months ahead.

It is a Process

As the reality of the election results settles on the USA, I keep reminding myself that governing is a process. It is not a battle or a war, but a process of selecting those that are supposed to serve us. If the process is broken then we need to take responsibility and do what we can to fix the process.

Fixing a process can take enormous amount of work. It requires discipline and willingness to be mindful, inclusive, and civil. It demands the willingness to listen to each other, to learn from each other, to work with each other. It is not an arena where there are winners and losers; everyone must benefit, it must be a win-win proposition.

My heart is heavy and I cried with worry about the election results. I hope we can all conquer our fears, control our anger, and be ready to work harder than we have ever worked so that we can fix our broken process.

We need to unite to ensure everybody's peace, use our love potential to help everyone around us, and fight the tendency for complacency. Nobody wins unless everybody wins.