Sunday, August 05, 2012

Travel tips that make sense

Here is a recollection of Leo Babauta's latest vacation trip with his family.

» 16 Essential Tips for Traveling with a Family :zenhabits

He shares excellent tips on how to have fun, enrich your mind, and make the best of the places you visit.

And this is his wife's perspective on traveling light. But forget the "women" slant: her advise is great for all genders and for all parents.

» Eva’s List: Traveling Light for Women :zenhabits

I know I will be using their ideas in future trips.

And from the "my friend told me about this" file, here is a recommendation from a good friend of mine: Airbnb.

Vacation rentals, private rooms, sublets by the night - Accommodations on Airbnb

She had an excellent experience and I definitely will plan on using this website for future travel plans.


Monday, July 16, 2012

The Magic 9-Letter Word

Courtesy of OmHarmonics

Studies show that this one thing can make you 25% happier.

It makes you immune to anger, disappointment and frustration.

It's even been shown to heal pain and illness in your body.

That one thing is GRATITUDE - and amazing things happen when you integrate it into your meditation practice.

Here's a fun exercise to try:

1. As you sit down to meditate, breathe in deeply and imagine your heart filling up with gratitude. Radiate that energy and light from within feeling blissful and deeply thankful.

2. Think about five specific things to be grateful for on this day. This can be something simple like "that pasta I had for lunch was delicious", up to something really important like "I'm blessed to have a loving partner and family".

3. Think about the people behind the situations you were grateful for and express thanks to each of them.

4. Remind yourself that whatever you focus on, expands. When you focus on gratitude and positivity, you will get more of that in return. Be mindful that you will attract more abundance, love and health by being grateful for your current state in these areas.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Allowing Things to Happen

» The Wisdom of Allowing Things to Happen :zenhabits
The Master allows things to happen.
She shapes events as they come.
She steps out of the way
and lets the Tao speak for itself.
~The Daodejing

What is your motivation?

Here is an excellent video from Tony Robbins that gives a very interesting explanation of what motivates people.

Tony Robbins: Why we do what we do, and how we can do it better

Gas Mileage Tips

There are many myths about what works to improve gas mileage. Even with today's gas prices, it makes sense to watch our gas consumption. There is no guarantee that gas prices will stay low, and the environmental impact of higher gas usage is significant.

Good Hands News: Perplexed-at-the-pump


Monday, January 16, 2012

Daily Reflection from Napoleon Hill

A long time ago I bought the book "Positive Action Plan" by Napoleon Hill. It is a compilation of "365 meditations for making each day a success."

I thought it may be helpful to share some of these with you here.

Part of today's reflection reads: "Spend your time and energy in constant self-inspection and self-improvement, building strong character, and you will never have to worry about what others think of you."

I believe that is why I have spent so much time with Toastmasters and why I love Yoga and meditation. They are perfect vehicles for self-inspection and self-improvement.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ultimate Guide to De-cluttering

Here is a great guide to de-cluttering and minimalism:

» Your Top 10 Clutter Questions, Answered :zenhabits

This year, I have been working steadily on de-cluttering. With the help of Freecycle, I have found a home for many things that had been around, unused, for years. It is a liberating process that I highly recommend.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

A Bad Popular Exercise?

Interesting article that reveals too much running can be bad for you. Balance is the key. Benefits of HIIT are explained.

Dr. Doug McGuff on the Benefits of Exercise

Long, slow, distance-type of exercise can actually cause your intermediate and fast-twitch fibers to begin to atrophy. Aside from losing muscle mass, this also promotes onset of loss of insulin sensitivity

Benefits of a Healthy Diet

Here is an excellent article on what two scientists found about proper nutrition.

Dr. Paul Jaminet Discusses the Benefits of a Healthy Diet

"I think there are so many people who have developed health problems because of the bad advice they've gotten from government authorities and the medical establishment," Dr. Jaminet says.

"Fortunately, things are changing now. I think people are realizing that advice didn't work, and it didn't have evidence behind it really. People are learning that there are much better ways to eat out there. Hopefully, it will start turning the tide on these chronic disease epidemics that we're experiencing."

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

A valuable lesson for the New Year

The Ziglar Weekly Newsletter » January 3, 2012 Edition 1

Old Fred, our town’s 85-year-old bachelor, loves children.  He frequently sits on his shady lawn in a rocking chair, whittling toys for the kids when they gather around him in droves.  Most of the townspeople often wondered why Fred had never married; one day someone asked him the question.  Fred’s response gives all of us something to think about: “Well, I’ll tell you,” Fred replied, “I was like a man riding a horse through the woods looking for a switch.  Every time I saw a likely-looking one I’d pass it by, thinking I’d find a better one.  And before I knew it, I was clear through the woods.”

24 Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Here is an excellent set of tips from WebMD. Of course, the "without dieting" part is a bit misleading. But the tips are still worth looking through.

24 Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting

WebMD also has a nice Personal Diet Evaluator that you may want to look at. I still like the one provided by SparkPeople, but more knowledge is usually better, right?


Sunday, January 01, 2012

For those with a New Year's Resolution

New Year is the day we typically set resolutions. One of them, for many people, is to lose weight and get in shape. If possible, I suggest that you consider running. Here is a nice article on training for a 5K race: Sofa to 5K: Training Program for a 5K Run

Here is an even easier system: Couch to 5k - C25K Running Program

And you may want some music to go along with that: Podrunner: Intervals - Free Workout Music from dj steve boyett

Or try this 5 K Training system by Hal Higdon.

Do you need help? Find a running club in your area. Start at your local running shop; they can guide you. If you are new to running, have your self fitted for proper running shoes. If your local shop is very expensive, find the brand and model of shoes they recommend, then head to the Running Warehouse website and find the same shoes at 40-60% off, with free shipping and free returns.

Find a running partner! I think it is one of the best motivational techniques. When you are accountable to someone else you tend to push a little harder.

Join a community, like SparkPeople. They are awesome! The site is free and the tools are fantastic!

When you do not feel like running, simply walk at a fast pace. You will still get a good workout without the impact on joints.

Listen to your body, but don't let your mind play tricks on you. :-)

Remember to stretch, stretch, stretch, but do it mostly after you warm up and after you finish running. Try some Yoga to improve your flexibility. The more flexible you are, the better you will run and the more you will enjoy running.

Most of all, have fun! When it stops being fun, then it may be time to try something else for a little while. Again, be careful of tricks your mind may play.

Happy New Year to you!