Friday, November 25, 2005


I hope everyone had a very safe Thanksgiving!

Experts say that the best way to achieve a difficult goal is to share it with family and friends that will support you. So I am sharing my number one goal with all of you: I am going to lose weight. The title of this blog is my current weight. My target goal is 200 pounds; my ideal goal is 180 pounds.

Two years ago, the day after Thanksgiving marked the first day of our adoption of the Atkins diet. Within days I had lost 20 pounds without exercising much; after a few weeks I had lost almost 50 pounds. I was also exercising regularly and liked what I saw in the mirror.

So what happened to reverse that great progress? I can summarize it as weakness and temptation: I started eating high-carb foods here and there, and my weight did not go up -- so I got over confident. Then I stopped exercising but kept eating the high-carb foods. Needless to say, here I am, at my heaviest ever.

Today I am restarting my Atkins plan. It is very difficult at times, especially during the induction period (first two to four weeks), but the results are worth the sacrifices. Coach Lou Holtz always reminds us that anything that is worthy of our efforts will require some sacrifice.

190 -- I am still coming!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Dieting and loosing weight

I looked in the mirror a few days ago and I did not like what I saw. My mid section is growing -- and that is bad! For weeks I have known that my clothes were getting tighter; pants no longer fit (even the bigger sizes left over from when I was at my heaviest two years ago). I had to go to the store and buy five XL shirts because all my L are now too tight.

So I decided that on November 1 I would begin changing my eating habits and do something about exercising. We all know that in order to lose weight we have to control our diet and also increase our exercise. The plan will take time to implement -- I have successfully lost this much weight before, so I know I can do it.

Yesterday was bad for dieiting -- I was not as strong as I should be with candy brought in after Halloween. I have done a lot better so far although the amount of candy available was increased ten-fold (someone brought a ton of it in the office).

I am fortunate that I will be off from work for the next few days because that will give me a chance to put together an exercise plan and begin working out.

190 -- her I come!