Friday, April 29, 2005

Five years old!

This morning, Noah greeted me with a smile and a "I am five now!" WOW! It is SO hard to believe that my son is now five years old!

I can still remember getting the news that he would join us a few months later -- Tracey and I had wanted to have children and had a rough start. But a trip west took care of that! It was great fun talking to Noah as he developed inside Tracey. I can recall his birth as if it was yesterday -- I remember bringing him home, sleeping with him on the coach, giving him his first bath! It was fantastic seeing him grow, playing with toys, crawling, standing up, walking -- and then mastering computer and Nintendo! I am amazed at this young person I have known for five years -- and I look forward to enjoying everyday with him and his sister as they grow and learn and get ready for their own destiny!

I am very proud of them and love them with all my heart!

Happy Birthday Noah!