Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Scans all clean!

Yesterday, Tracey and I went to the Oncologist appointment and received really great news! The CT and bone scans showed she is cancer free. The radiation treatment is still needed to minimize the chance of recurrence in the chest wall.

We celebrated by having lunch at Atlanta Bread Co. -- very nice and personable service and the food was delicious!

Monday, January 10, 2005


I know - it has been an eternity since the last post. Life has been busy! :-)

Here are some of the news from the last few weeks:

Home Office
Tracey, Kayla and I have been working hard on getting our home office renovated. We feel this is critical to us having a great 2005 with better organization and efficiency. As par tof this project, we have torn walls, built walls, removed the ceiling and replaced insulation as needed, installed drywall on the ceiling, removed paneling from all walls, sheet-rocked all walls, painted the rooms, replaced teh floor with nice laminate hardwood, and built (from scraps, mostly) two nice workbenches for my computer repairs and for our printing jobs.

I achieved CTM status on 1/3/05 by completing all ten projects in the Basic manual of Toastmasters. Now I will start with more advanced manuals and also look forward to my Competent Leader path.

My tenth Toastmasters speech related to the Silva method of mental programming whcih I learned back in the 1970s. I have since re-discovered Silva and his teachings. I encourage all to check it out: Silva UltraMind System. Look for their free "The Unlimited You" ebook.

Tracey's Progress
Tracey developed myalgia over the last few months as a result of chemotherapy. This condition is manifested by chronic pain throughout the body. In Tracey's case, the pain is more severe in her lower extremities. In her own words: "I feel like I was 90 years old!". Dr. Madden's office has prescribed some medications that should help her; hopefully they will!

Work Stuff
I was promoted to a new position within SCANA. As of Janury 3, 2005, I began working as a Staging Analyst. I am still working most of the time in my old job as a Workstation Support Tech while a replacement is selected fro my position. I hope this process can be complete by the target date of February 1. My new job is really great and the team I am working with is fantastic!

Our little ones keep amazing us. Noah continues to love his Star Wars stuff, especially the Millenium Falcon that he got for Christmas from his Omi. He is also showing some real talent for music; he learned Twinkle Twinkle in about 30 minutes! MacK is our painter/drawing artist — with our house walls her favorite canvas!

I have been doing pretty good at bowling. Last week I scored a 218-234-181 series. Not bad for a once-a-week bowler using a ten year old ball!