Friday, September 07, 2018

The Daily, September 7, 2018


I wrote this post on 9/7/2018 and got busy and did not post it until 9/8/2018. Life happens.  :-)


I am celebrating day nine of the writing challenge. Speaking of celebrations, September 7 is a very busy day of celebrations:

  • National Beer Lover's Day
  • National Lazy Mom's Day
  • National Food Bank Day
  • National Grandma Moses Day
  • National Neither Snow Nor Rain Day
  • National Salami Day
  • National Grateful Patient Day
  • National Acorn Squash Day
  • National New Hampshire Day

If nothing else, maybe we can bring some donations to a food bank. Perhaps we can then go out and have a salami sandwich and a beer while enjoying a day that has neither snow nor rain, being grateful that we are not a patient (in hospital or nursing home) or that we don't have to endure the New Hampshire winters. I will let you figure out what to do with the Lazy Mom and Grandma Moses part of the list.


I received a nice pair of ASICS running shoes from one of my favorite supplies (Running Warehouse) last night and I went for a nice 2+ mile jog this morning. I am not sure about the new shoes; they feel a bit tight, but it just may be the newer model is cut different than the models I am used to. I will give it one more try on Sunday and then decide if I need to return them. The great thing about Running Warehouse is that returns are hassle free.


So far I am thoroughly enjoying "EveryDollar". Today was my payday, which means entering a whole bunch of manual transactions. I looked at Mint a little today, but I think I am going to stick with "EveryDollar" for now.


Excellent tips for times when you are traveling and use a hostel or AirBnB.

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