Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Daily - Thursday, September 13, 2018

Writing Challenge- Day #15


I worked from home again, mostly to stay off the roads and out of the way of those that really need to drive. We have had periods of sunshine, but it has been mostly cloudy. It is definitely windy and very humid. Florence is approaching.

Our internet access has been a bit flaky. That could be related to the storm or just me having an older PC.

Even if we lose power, as we are expected to, I will hand-write notes and then post them to the blog after the storm is over.


Another nice 2+ mile jog this morning. I listened to Week 4 of the NHS series, with a little of Podrunner's "135 BPM - Amplifier". to finish the session.

Nice meditation session this morning before heading out to jog.


Current list of streaks:
  • Writing: day 15
  • Blood Pressure Readings: 6 days in a row (holding steady around 120/80)
  • Logging to SparkPeople: 5 days in a row (still need to enter food and activity data)
  • Intermittent Fasting: 2 days
  • Daily Exercise Routine: 0 (I did jog for 30 minutes, stretched a little and meditated, but did not do strength training)
    (In order to count this one, I am making it a bit challenging. A day will only count if it contains at least 30 minutes of cardio, at least 30 minutes of strength training, at least 10 minutes of stretching, at least six hours of sleep, and at least 10 minutes of meditation.)
  • Meditation: 2 days (all-time = 40) [The app tells me I missed a day -- darn it!)


I have been doing the rolling of clothes and other items and I have developed several shortcuts. I think I may do a video on some of them. I managed to do more cleaning and purging today; I will post pictures soon.


When should you tap into your emergency fund? Here is some good advise from the Dave Ramsey organization.


Our Liar-In-Chief simply cannot stop! Today (or yesterday) he lied to the whole world about how well his so-called government did when dealing with Hurricane Maria and the disaster in Puerto Rico. More people died there than in the 9/11 "attacks" yet the citizens of Puerto Rico had to fend for themselves for months. Why? Probably because they are Hispanic, not #45's top priority, especially since he cannot kick them off their own island. I bet he would love to build some magnificent golf courses and resorts on free land.


One of my favorite authors and speakers is Timber Hawkeye of the "Buddhist Boot Camp" podcast. I loved today's episode on "Self-worth."

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