Friday, September 14, 2018

The Daily - Friday, September 14, 2018

Writing Challenge- Day #16


Winds have been picking up all day. We have significant gusts and rain started around 6 PM. The forecast puts the center of the storm right over my house by tomorrow afternoon. Fortunately, it will be down to a Tropical Storm (or perhaps just a Depression) by then. It is about 110 miles away as I write this.

I have had several surprise messages of well-being throughout the last day or so. I also have had the usual missing care from other family members. That makes me sad.


Jogged another 1.75 miles this morning using some older ASICS shows. The wind had already picked up quite a bit, and the air was moist and sticky, but not unbearable. I wanted to go longer but stopped myself because I had other things I had to get done.

My blood pressure was a bit high today, and finally came down to normal this afternoon. Perhaps Florence had something to do with it.


Current list of streaks:

  • Writing: day 16
  • Blood Pressure Readings: 7 days in a row. Initial readings were higher than they have been (about 130/90). Tried meditation and a breathing exercise to lower it. Finally it came down to 122/80 by 2 PM.
  • Logging to SparkPeople: 6 days in a row (still need to enter food and activity data)
  • Intermittent Fasting: 3 days
  • Daily Exercise Routine: 0 
    • Cardio: Jogged 1.75 miles
    • Strength Training: Nope
    • Stretching: Nope
    • Meditation: Yes, 25 minutes overall.

      (In order to count this one, I am making it a bit challenging. A day will only count if it contains at least 30 minutes of cardio, at least 30 minutes of strength training, at least 10 minutes of stretching, at least six hours of sleep, and at least 10 minutes of meditation.)
  • Meditation: 3 days (all-time = 40): morning meditation was difficult. I could barely finish the ten minutes because I wanted to get out for a run before the weather turned bad. I had a second meditation period in mid-afternoon to try to bring my blood pressure down a little; that did not work. 


From Eckhart Tolle:
"When the ego is at war, know that it is no more than an illusion that is fighting to survive. That illusion thinks it is you."


Vinegar is an amazing helper around the house. And it can also be great in your yard:

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