Monday, March 09, 2009

Sushi (2006-2009)

"Sushi" came to us as a gift from our great friend Tracy, as a way to sooth Tracey's anxiety and a way to heal her during the recovery from brain surgery in early 2007. Sushi arrived in our lives in late 2006 as we moved into our new home.

He was a pretty quiet member of the house; not the most sociable of pets, but that comes with being a Beta. He was a very good sport, never complaining when we moved him to temporary housing when we went on vacation. He did not like to be moved to his temporary tank while I cleaned his regular home, but he always showed gratitude and joy when he was back in his own tank. He was specially happy when he got new furniture (color stones and decorations).

Sushi passed away last night. The kids and I gave him a burial with full pet honors early this morning. Noah and MacKenzie dug the grave in our back yard and we laid him to rest there. We thank him for his company and for being such a great fish all these years.

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