Monday, August 09, 2004

Day 1 -- finally blogging!

I had the idea of blogging for sometime, but never found the time to research what service to use. Tracey, my wife, signed up with blogger and that made it easier for me to start this.

One of the reasons why she started her blog (and why I now have joined this) is her fight against breast cancer. This has already been a difficult road for both of us and our family. My wife has lost both breasts and has gone through three surgeries. Tomorrow we start on the road of chemotherapy -- and we are both scared about what that will bring.

So let this blog serve as a record of this experience from my viewpoint. I will share what I see and feel, and also what I perceive others in our family are going through.

Since I am a "techie" in many respects, I will likely add here stuff that I find on the web that is either helpful or curious or interesting.

Please feel free to comment if you happen to come across this blog and want to leave a message.

Best wishes to all of you for a life full of happiness and health!

1 comment:

Cherry Moon said...

Hey Victor....

There's a song called "Hey Victor!" by Laurie Berkner. My 5 year-old loves it!!! "Hey Victor! Hey Freddy! Let's eat some... spaghetti!!"

Anyway, I'm so glad that you've decided to blog. I'm going to keep up with you and Tracey, and hopefully I'll be able to meet you both in person soon!