Wednesday, August 11, 2004

A better day!

Today was a far better day than yesterday! We still spent most of the day at the hospital doing the follow-up session, but Tracey was given a different medication to combat nausea that seems to have worked. She woke up still feeling a little shaky but as of 6 PM she was doing quite well and had managed to eat without nausea.

The new medication will block all sensors for 72 hours, and the staff also gave us a prescription for a steroid that will help this other medication. Ah! The wonderful world of medicine!

Last night one of our friends offered to help us fix our roof if we can get the materials together. I was also told today that we may have some help from a special fund that the company I work for has [of course, there are no guarantees that we will be selected for assistance]. Regardless, Tracey and I have set our mind that we need a new roof by this fall if we are to continue living in that house under any resemblance of normalcy. After we fix the roof (not a small project in itself) we still need to fix floors, ceilings, etc. We will take it one step at a time until it is all finished. Hopefully we will not be washed away by the two tropical storms/hurricanes (Bonnie and Charly) heading our way!

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