Thursday, February 19, 2009

Planning: Make a battle plan for success!

My SparkPeople friend Tim, whom I mentioned before, had a great blog yesterday, which has re-iginited my passion for daily planning, a habit I had somewhat abandoned due to cheer laziness:

Make a battle plan for success!
Whenever there is a battle, the winner is usually the one who has thought out the battle, planned for contingencies and implemented the plan.

SparkPeople has a very nice article on the subject: Think Two Steps Ahead
After a long day with the kids, doing laundry, reading books, and working on night school homework, you might have to decide between exercise and a couch that is screaming your name. Another difficult decision we face on a regular basis, and once again we often choose to think one step ahead. “I need to rest – I’m so drained!”

The difference between one step ahead and two steps ahead can mean the difference between staying on the fitness roller coaster or achieving your goals. Two steps ahead, we are still tired, stressed and cranky, BUT also determined, committed and able to see the big picture.

I think having a plan for the week and the next day is essential to minimize stress and achieve our goals. I have always liked Dr. Stephen Covey's approach to goal achievement through the "7 Habits of Highly Effective People." One of the things that Dr. Covey and Tim focus on is to determine what is important to you. The former calls it "Big Rocks." Focus on putting the big rocks in your jar (weekly/daily plan) first and then fit any smaller stuff in if possible. Prioritizing is the key to planning. And, as Dr. Covey so eloquently explains, you have to sharpen the saw first -- and that means focusing on you.

Planning for being fit and healthy is not a selfish activity -- it is the best thing you can do for others: your family, your community, society, the world.

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