Monday, February 02, 2009

My Gazelle -- The Buy of the Year

Last week I found a listing in craigslist for a Tony Little Gazelle. I had read some positive comments in SparkPeople and got excited by the price being asked ($30 for an item that is selling for $189 at Wal-Mart). The kids and I took it home on Saturday and I began using it immediately. What a great workout machine! Although Tony Little's infomercials have raised a few eye brows and are nothing less than tacky, I think the machine actually does a great job of giving you a fantastic workout. Thanks to YouTube, I was able to view of the possible workouts you can do on the machine. So far, 5-10 minutes is all I need to break into a nice sweat and feel my heart rate reach a nice level -- all with little impact to my joints. Although my right knee is feeling a lot better, I still experience minor discomfort on it. I strongly recommend getting your hands on one of these machines, especially if you can get an awesome deal on a used unit like I did.

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