Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inauguration Day

Yesterday was an interesting day. The school district (and just about everything else) was closed due to "snow." We did get a few flurries and something like a mini-trace of the white stuff stuck to the ground for a few hours. It was good enough for the kids to go crazy for a few minutes -- then the cold got the better of their enthusiasm and they came in from the cold, asking for hot cocoa.

It did give us the chance to watch the inauguration ceremony and celebration. OK, honestly, the kids were bored but I forced them to endure the swearing in and the inaugural speech.

Needless to say, it was a historical event of proportions we can only begin to imagine. However, being the simple person I am, and considering the economical climate of our world, I would have liked the Obama team to tone down some of the celebration and set the example of how to be more fiscally responsible. I can only imagine what this whole week of celebrations cost. Millions, I would imagine. A friend of mine called this the coronation, not inauguration, as it looked more like the old-time celebrations that monarchies used to insist on at the change of power. If this is the kind of change we can expect from the Obama administration, then we are in for a rough ride. I hope this is not the case. I hope Mr. Obama will set the tone of moderation and modesty that we need from our leader. The excesses of the past got us into trouble -- it is time for all of us to change, not just the middle class and those near or at poverty levels. President Obama and his whole team need to show responsible behavior and attitude. The millions spent on celebrations can be better used to feed the hungry, save people from losing their homes, and find cures for cancer.

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