Sunday, December 31, 2006

Barberic Times

Last night I received a request from my Mother In Law: she wanted to see the complete execution of Saddam Hussein. It was easy to find on the Internet. I have seen it and I find no pleasure in it. I have also seen the documentary on the gasing of Halabja, the crime he was accused of and caused his execution. What a repulsive act against humanity!

The question in my mind is: have we not evolved enough as a species to stop these atrocities? Whether it is the killing of one or thousands, it is a barberic act. Sadly, more of the same is in the horizon. We end 2006 at war and we will start 2007 at war. Shame on human beings everywhere that kill for money, power, thrills. These are barberic times, indeed. Let's work on fixing that, shall we?

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