Monday, May 08, 2006


It happens sometimes that we find strays that change our lives, even if we only handle these animals for a short time. Several of them come to mind: "Tiny" and "Coco" are two of the dogs that we actually named.

This morning, as I drove the kids to school, this little dog was confidently walking in the middle of the road. Cars were struggling to get around him. We stopped and it struggled to follow me, but calmly got in the car and settled on the floor. The kids immediately took to him and he was named "Angel." I took him home but he would not stay in the back yard despite the yummy food I set in front of him. He wanted to be with his humans. Tracey and I left for radiation treatment and he tried to follow us. We thought he had moved on.

After dropping Tracey at home, I headed to work and came across "Angel" once again. He was walking towards me in the middle of my lane, acting as if he had recognized me and was happy to see me. So I put him in the car again and took him to the county shelter. I hope his owners (if any, since he did not have a collar) will find him soon. He is definitely deaf and maybe somewhat blind. Despite his age he moved well and showed himself to be very docile. He could make a great companion to someone. Good luck "Angel" -- best wishes to you for a safe journey going forth! Thanks for coming into our lives -- I am sure there was a good reason for your visit.

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Tracey said...

this one I would have like to have kept if it were not for life's craziness right now. I hope Angel finds a new home too.