Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Turkey Bacon

Last shopping day, Tracey and I bought some turkey bacon. This morning I had the opportunity to use it for the first time. The package claims that it has 55% less fat than regular bacon. I found that claim to be a bit inaccurate. I believe the amount of fat I saw was about 80% less than what I am used to seeing. WOW! What a great surprise! I use a special microwave bacon cooker designed to minimize the consumption of bacon fat. One hangs the bacon from these special racks and the fat drips down to the holding tray as the bacon cooks. I usually can see a substantial amount of fat on the tray after cooking regular bacon. With turkey bacon there was almost no fat on the tray.

Another thing I noticed is that cooking time was half of regular bacon. I was fortunate to read the package before microwaving the product. No only is this bacon healthier, it saves energy in cooking!

Of course, one will ask about taste and flavor. In all honesty, it was OK -- but it did not taste like bacon. It has a very acceptable "smokey" flavor that is just fine for me.

By the way, I am still holding around the 236 mark. However, my clothes fit better on me and I feel better overall.

Here's to your good health! :-)

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