Tuesday, September 07, 2004


Just last night, as Tracey and I were preparing for her third round of Chemo, I turned to her and told her that we had lucked out with Frances, as the weather maps looked like the major portion of the storm had missed us! Boy, was I wrong! I forgot that Frances had positioned itself so that we would be on the wrong side of the storm. Today, we got pounded by heavy rains in the morning and a gazillion tornado watches and warnings. We, thus far, have been very fortunate that nothing has really happened to our area. Others near us have not been so lucky!

This morning we started out driving to the hospital. We were actually very early, in anticipation of the rain delays one expects. Within 30 seconds of driving we turned back because the visibility was so bad that we felt unsafe on the road. Tracey called the Oncology office and postponed her treatment until tomorrow. We spent the rest of the day with the kids, dealing with the minor inconvenience of a few interruptions to our electrical power, and hoping everyone around us was safe and sound. We saw some reports on TV that showed serious damage in Columbia (35 miles south of us) and Atlanta (where I go to work sometimes).

More than twice I started working on something and got stopped by power outages — so I stopped and bummed the rest of the day off. Tracey was very concerned for our family's safety, so I called in to the office and told my partner I was staying home with them.

Thoughts On Sleep
I have recently noticed that the more I sleep, the less rested I am and the more things I need to handle in a state of urgency. I am seriously considering either boycotting sleep altogether or at least cutting down on such considerably. After much consideration I have decided to sleep on the subject and decide on something tomorrow.

Thoughts On Email
For sometime now I have grown frustrated with email — as I am sure most everyone else is — due to spam. My mailbox is ridiculous! Everyday I receive 120-130 emails, and only about ten are from people or organizations I have a legitimate relationship with. It used to be that I looked forward to checking my email — now it is a real chore! I am sure one day we will be able to find the spammers and punish them according to the severity of their crimes: corporal punishment at the town square would be a good starting point!

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