Saturday, September 11, 2004

Chemo # 3 & Frances

I have not had a chance to blog this week -- it has been a permanent state of "busy".

Tracey received her third round of Chemo on Wednesday. Everything went fairly well. She was put on a different combination of medications and actually went through Wednesday and Thursday without major incidents. The meds are expensive (in the realm of $400 per pill -- fortunately we received a sample from the Infusion Center and our prescription plan limits our liability to $35 per prescription). Friday was a totally different thing -- Tracey woke up seriously nauseated and had a very rough day. Today (Saturday) has not been much better. We are hoping tomorrow will be better!

Hurricane/Tropical Storm Frances caused a great deal of "excitement" in our area. We had record number of tornadoes for our state, including three or four all around our house. This week was horrible for sleeping! The weather radio kept going off constantly between Monday morning and Thursday morning. Of course, we count our blessings when we hear all the struggles residents of Florida and the Caribbean are enduring!

Yesterday, the Toastmaster's club I am a member (and currently its President) was formerly inducted -- we learned that we are now the largest TM club in South Carolina! It is a GREAT learning experience and something I wish everyone would try. I have my second speech scheduled for this coming Tuesday.

Saturday Bowling
This morning's bowling session was a lot of fun -- for both the kids and I. Noah bowled a 50 and 52, and MacKenzie a 60 and 50. Not too bad for their first "official" games! I wish I could show you MacKenzie's bowling style -- it is so funny! I think I was a lot better at coaching them today -- but I had to have an iron fist to keep them under control. It is great to see them interact with others -- they are very sociable and they love babies! There was a 1+ year little baby in the lane next to us and both Noah and MacKenzie were so excited to interact with her!

Today is Jenny's birthday -- we had a fun telephone talk with her! She loved the gifts we sent. We found she was going out to dinner and celebrate her 14th!

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