Monday, August 08, 2005

Weekend Plumbing / Mowing Projects

Friday night we ended the evening with our hot water pipe busting open again under the kitchen floor. On Saturday morning I crawled under the house and fixed it — or so I thought. By that evening at 8 P.M. it had come apart again. That night, before we went to bed, Tracey stated that maybe the compression fittings were not being installed properly. I almost took that personally — however, I looked at the instructions (again) and realized that she was right and I was doing something wrong. For the record, I was not pushing the cone part 1/2" past the end of the pipe. Sunday morning I crawled under the house again and I hope I have done the job properly this time. I have some reservations on what I saw while the water was running, so I may have to go under the house again and replace all the parts one more time to make sure that it will be done for good! Lesson: listen to your significant other and do not take things personally; they may have a point and you need to be open to the possibility that they may be right!

Now to the mowing part: on Friday I took the weed trimmer down to a repair shop that is on the way to my office. The guys were super adn they replaced the primer bulb for a mere $5 -- awesome! Saturday morning and used the weeder to knock down everything that needed attention — until the trimmer began to stall repeatedly. I figured out that it was the air filter; when Kayla helped me to wash it the thing fell apart (it was several years old!). Fortunately I was pretty much done with that task. I proceeded to mow the backyard and the mower worked fantastically!

On Sunday, after the plumbing adventure, I mowed the front and side lawn areas. Just as I finished, I release the choke handle (that keeps the mower running) and it broke off — so now the mower cannot be started until I get that replaced! I suspect I can get a replacement part at the place where I got the weeder fixed! Maybe they will also have an air filter for my weeder.

Tracey said that I am hard on my mowing and yard equipment — maybe she is right! :-)

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