Monday, August 08, 2005

Noah's First Day of School

So, the day finally arrived for Noah to go to school. MacKenzie will be starting tomorrow (they staggered the start day for her class).

Noah did pretty well, overall. He did seem a bit confused at first — the concept of cafeteria and lines is totally new to him. The first thing we were asked to do is to got to the cafeteria for breakfast; the menu was much less than we expected, and we will be giving them breakfast at home from now on. After breakfast it was to the gym for assembly; all the staff was introduced, etc., etc. Noah was bored and wanted to get to class! Notably, we were the only white family in the whole school — but Noah seems totally unaware of the race issue, and that is great! He already made friends with an older (1st grader) girl. I think he will be the better for experiencing being the minority — and it will be up to Tracey and I to make sure that he understands about cultural differences and learns from those — but, most importantly, that he also looks for the common ground; there is much more that we have in common than what makes us different!

We then proceeded to his classroom where his teacher explained rules and rewards, etc. We then left and he did not seem bothered by that at all! He was more eager to play and learn than anything else. That's my boy!

[I will write more about this later]

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