Sunday, January 01, 2017

Happy 2017!

As it is often the case for many, I start he year with the clear intention of working on my health. I have several goals that should all result in better health (including lower weight). My primary objectives are:
  • Increased physical activity (cardio and strength training). Although I have been jogging regularly in the past, I am going to push myself a bit more on the cardio end and a lot more on the strength training end.
  • Better nutrition, especially concerning tracking everything I eat. I will focus on eating more fruits and vegetables, and avoid all processed food.
  • I will do more meditation and more Yoga on a weekly basis.
Today I started the year with an eight-mile jog — the longest I have jogged in quite a while. I used a couple of Podrunner's mixes to help keep me going for 2.5 hours. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

I am also back active with SparkPeople.

  • Podrunner: look for the Mixes link. Today I used "Varied Tempo" tracks: 
    • 140-160 BPM Bass Camp
    • 140-160 BPM Bottom Five
  • SparkPeople:

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