Sunday, March 12, 2006


The county where I live is now engaged in a Think Tank effort to encourage "open communications" as an initiative to improve conditions in the area. One of the main issues mentioned is honesty in communications between people of different races. There has been a huge level of fear in communicating problems because of the risk of offending others that are different from us. Our county is predominantly black (or African-American if you prefer the political correct term). White folks have been under the impression that they cannot speak openly because they may be perceived as racist if they disagree with someone that is not white. This whole discussion is a subject that Tracey and I have reviewed many times, especially since she and I grew in a multi-cultural environment (she in Toronto, me in Mexico City) that did not include discrimination based on one's skin color. Of all the talks we had as a result of this Think Tank, one concept became clear: our society needs to work towards a state of "oneness" where everyone can work together for the good of the community while at the same time retaining our heritage and values. Oneness differs from "sameness", which is an effort to make everyone the same (and in which minorities are forced to abandon their roots). Sameness causes resentment amongst minorities and fear amongst the majority; oneness promotes progress culturally, economically, and socially. Here's to being one with all of you!

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